Thursday, January 22, 2009

Keirans latest thing has been to walk around as often as he can with a finger in his bellybutton. He is obssessed with the thing! He loves to lift up his shirt and get tickled and show off the button. In the tub, he'll have one hand on a toy and one on his bellybutton. Too cute!
So here's Daddy with the little monkey:

One of their favourite games to play together:

I think Keiran is almost done with picture face! Now Daddy is the only one to make it!!!!

This kiddo is going to grow up to be a computer nerd like his parents. He is already obssessed with them! He especially loves it when I show him little videos of himself on my computer!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A few random pictures from the past couple of days. Here is cute little Simon sitting on Brians lap. It's been awhile since I've put pictures up that haven't been of Keiran!!!

Taken this afternoon. Maybe he's hinting that we don't give him enough to drink??!! He's actually pretty obssessed with carrying around his bottles whenever he can find them.

Playing in the tub last night. He makes up new games all the time!

On one of his first days of daycare. He is adjusting pretty well but still screams like crazy every time I leave. Poor kid! Poor Laura!!! It's great that he has a few kids to play with every day too. He already says NO! whenever he doesn't want something. Didn't take too long to learn that one!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I haven't been able to upload much lately, especially videos. For some reason they just don't want to load so I'll have to stick to pictures for now!
Right before New Years, Keiran got his first major head bump. He was playing a chasing game with Daddy and fell straight into the door jamb. Poor kiddo!!!! Much screaming ensued but about 5 minutes later he was totally fine. Here is the progression of his bump for the first 3 days after it happened.
Day 1: about 10 minutes after the "incident". (you can tell he is totally fine by the appearance of "picture face")

Day 2 at tub time: (what?!?!?!?! "picture face" again?!?!?!?)

Day 3 at St. Vital mall. Unsurprisingly we again get to see "picture face".

Still day 3, just a close up. We would have seen "picture face" if my camera had reacted just a tad quicker!