Sunday, June 27, 2010

Picture time!

Time to add some pictures of the cutest kids in town!!!!
Oh, and I joined Twitter.  Why?  Because I can.  So follow me!

Here's big brother leaning in for a kiss to baby brother.  He is really starting to be interested in Evan!  Likes to try feeding him, giving him his soother, asking lots of questions and just generally wanting to know where he is.  I love it!

The one above is little brother showing me his "stop taking pictures of me Mommy" face.  Oh, and his ninja hands too.

Sleeping baby with a cute hat.  Look at those chubby cheeks!!!

Ok he looks a little weird here!  Trying to get him to play on the play mat.  I know he's not old enough yet!!!  Sometimes he doesn't seem to mind it though.

Ok here's an awesome picture!!!  I took Evan to BC at the beginning of June because my Grandma died and we went out for her Memorial.  On my way home, I ran into my BEST FRIGGEN FRIEND at the Victoria airport!  She had just been in BC for a flute conference and somehow we managed to be on the same flight to Edmonton!  She left me in Edmonton and carried on home to Winnipeg, but it was still the best flight ever!!!  We were both so excited!  So here she is cuddling Evan!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Siblings and cousins

My two cousins are finally home from Afghanistan! I had a BBQ last weekend to celebrate their homecomings and the birth of baby Evan. Unfortunately, it SNOWED on May 30th!!! How lame is that? So, my BBQ turned into an inside event, which is just fine, a little squishy but we managed to fit 50 people in our house at Christmas so I wasn't worried.
All of my siblings were together in one room. This doesn't happen very often so of course we took advantage of that and got a few pictures together. We also got some cousin pics. There are a few missing but considering how far apart we all live, we didn't do too badly!

Picture above is me with my siblings: left to right: Me, Mike, Lindsay and Derek.

The cousins! Left to right: Stephanie, Jerrod, Derek, Mike, Justin, Lindsay and Me on the floor.

Today I am off to take Evan to a check up with the pediatrician. He is doing well though, she just wants to see him because I started crying in her office two weeks ago when I was stressed about breastfeeding. Since then, I've seen the lactation specialist at the breastfeeding clinic and she could even tell after a few minutes that it wasn't working for us! I was waiting for someone else to confirm what I already suspected, that Evan is just like Keiran and I'd be a pumping mommy. Sigh. Oh well, do what you have to so your kids have what they need! Now just to get into a pumping routine with two kids. Wish me luck. Thankfully Keiran still goes to daycare so daytime is pretty easy. I'm just worried about the times where Brian will be gone away on trips and I'm alone with two kids. I think the first time that happens will be next week. Aaaah! I'm worried already. It'll work out, I know it will, I'm just worried.
Ok, off the computer! Lets get some stuff done!!!