Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Poor hubby had to have surgery yesterday. He had an overactive parathyroid and it was leaching calcium from his bones and giving him kidney stones. If they would have left it, he would have eventually had kidney failure and osteoperosis so they took it out and now he should be really good. They had to go in at the throat though so he's going to have a scar from it but it should be ok.
We're getting ready to build a shed right now. We are getting the cement pad poured tomorrow and his parents and brother will be here next week to help build it. I won't help build but I'll make sure they're all fed and watered and stuff. Isn't that an exciting way to spend summer holidays? I'm actually very happy about it, I didn't really want to go anywhere this summer.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love reitmans clothes? I swear I'm out shopping all the time and almost everything I own is from there. It's kinda pathetic actually. I should get a part time job there just so I can get the discount on clothing. That would be nice. I'm thinking about doing that when I get back from my course.
Speaking of my course, it's coming up fairly soon. End of august I'll be going away for 7 weeks, but I'll be able to still do emails and internet and all that fun stuff because I plan on getting internet in my room.
Anyways, I'm tired and am going to have a nap. I love summer sleeping!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So I realized that some of you have never met or seen my husband and those that have, have not seen us in a looooooong time! So here we are! This was taken by my cousin last summer on Vancouver Island. We went there for our summer vacation.
We have been married for almost three years now! Where has the time gone? Seriously. It's crazy. Our anniversary is coming up on August 9th. How fun is that. For our anniversary last year we went whale watching and it was seriously awesome. I'm dying to go again.
Can I just mention how glad I am to be on summer vacation right now? We desperately needed the break, there has been far too much travelling going on this year and it's time to just stay home for a bit before starting it all up again at the end of August.

Monday, July 17, 2006

This is Charlie. He is our newest cat. We got him back in January when we went to the pet rescue shelter to buy some dog food for Sara (we used to buy all her food there). This little guy was there and he was sooo cute, always grabbing your fingers and licking and then meowing and being super affectionate. At the time his name was Pumpkin. We got our food and went home but couldn't stop thinking about this little guy and so like 10 minutes before the place closed for the day we called them up and told them to stay open because we were going to come in and adopt Pumpkin. So we did and then we renamed him to Charlie and life has been good ever since. He is still an awesome cat, if he would just stop scratching the new couch that is! He and Simon are best friends, it's cute.

This is what Charlie started doing to Simon after being at our house for a few weeks before he got fixed. Simon showed him who was really boss shortly after! It's still hilarious though.

Friday, July 14, 2006

This ladies and gentleman is my tattoo! I got it in may as a tribute to the two children I have lost.
The butterfly is new life, the two flowers are for the children I have lost and the bud represents hope for the future.
As we have children, I will add flowers for them too!
I love this tattoo!
And that's my blog entry for the day.