Sunday, June 29, 2008

A recap of the first week alone

So Brian has been gone since tuesday and we've had a fairly eventful week!

Tuesday: We brought daddy and Brad to the airport at 7:30am - nothing too eventful this day. We went over to Fionas in the late afternoon where I attempted to put Keiran in her kiddie pool. Bad idea. Mad baby. That night he woke up 4 times. I was tired.

Wednesday: We went to the zoo in the morning with Lori and her girls, Kate and her kids and her daycare kids and Deb with Drake. Busy!!! Keiran was tired and cranky after about ten minutes in the stroller so into the back carrier he went (pics are a few posts down) and he fell asleep and had a decent nap and woke up happy and hungry. Went home, he napped some more and then we played for awhile and then it was bath and bedtime. Somehow once he was in bed, he managed an amazing acrobatic feat and launched himself out of his crib and landed flat on his back. He was scared and had the wind knocked out of him but otherwise ok. This was our hint to finally lower the crib. Too bad Daddy is gone for another two weeks! Smart Mommy just decided to zip up the cat tent so little acrobat monkey baby can't get out again. I'm not messing with that crib on my own!!!

Thursday: We went to Costco in the morning with Lori where she discovered a TICK on Keirans wrist. Blech. That thing was already in his skin. She pulled it off and he barely noticed, thank goodness. All was well after that. Later that day, Lori brought her girls over for supper and we had Costco pizza (mmmm)

Friday: Went into Keirans room when he woke up to find him SITTING in his crib. This is new! He has never before tried to get into a sitting position from lying down. What a smart baby! He was happy that morning but decided he HAD to have a nap 15 minutes before we were supposed to go to the MFRC play group. So...we were over an hour late for play group but that's fine. Went grocery shopping in the afternoon and then he napped and I watched the dark clouds to the north while baking chocolate chip banana bread (I ate half and froze half for Daddy). Apparently there were tornado touchdowns and a huge downpour - but not in St. James! Phew. Don't need to deal with more water in the basement.

Saturday: Lazy day!!! We went to the mall in the morning but Keiran got cranky so we left. Then we both slept for 3 hours in the afternoon! Evening was uneventful.

Sunday: So far we've walked to Dollarama where I picked up a few things for the Canada Day BBQ and we sat in the backyard and I partly filled the new swimming pool. Keiran is currently napping in a poo filled diaper. There was no way I was changing that thing before he had the nap! I only know it's poo filled because I can smell it when I go into the room to check on him. Yuck.

And so that's the first week without Daddy. Only 10 days to go!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

We had a happy day playing for the most part today. He found his new piano and thought it was pretty cool!

You can see his top two teeth in this next picture!
Putting toys on top of other things is one of his new favourite games. He likes to put them in daddys boots too and throw them out of the bathtub.

All was going well until it was getting close to nap time. Then we had a melt down. And being the bad mom that I am, I took pictures before picking him up!

Ok this last one was right before the melt down! He looked cute though so I had to add it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Just a quick shot of Keirans first attempt at real crawling. He hasn't tried it since this day! He is a much more efficient scooter!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We went to the zoo again yesterday and as per normal Keiran got fussy so into the back carrier he went. Fell asleep again and this is the result!!!

When we got home from the zoo I let Keiran play in the kitchen and living room. His new favourite thing is to pull things out of his diaper bag and throw them around. Somehow he managed to get his formula bottle open (the powder part) and spread it all over the kitchen. He did this while I was on the phone for less than two minutes. Then he got it all over his butt and was dragging it around the living room and hallway. That's my kid!!!

This is him dragging formula all over the place.

This last one is him shortly after the incident. All innocence...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Keiran and Daddy having a good old screaming contest. Keirans new favourite thing!
Since Brian is gone to Halifax for two weeks, I decided to make him a little something so he would have pics of Keiran. He has his computer but it's not the same as something home made! I made him a little photo wallet which ended up being so cute!

So lately Keiran has taken to pulling himself up on the guitar case and throwing toys behind it. He thinks it is the greatest game ever!!! Problem is, he gets stuck on his belly cause he hasn't figured out how to sit back down properly yet so I end up having to go rescue him. It's cute!

This next pic is from a couple of days ago, we were playing in his bedroom with some books that he had been throwing around and he just looked so cute I had to take pictures.

We went to the zoo with the MFRC group last week and Keiran was a complete fussy pants. He was in the stroller but started crying so I moved him to the carrier where he cried a bit but finally fell asleep. I got someone to take a pic of him cause he looked so cute there!

His new favourite place to play - under the kitchen table. Then he gets stuck under the chairs!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mom wanted a video of Keiran doing the butt shuffle so this is the best I could do! He's now aware when I'm trying to take a picture or video and stops doing what I want him to do!

Today he is a grump. It is 7:10pm right now and he is already in bed for the night! He was totally clingy and whiny so into the tub we went. He then proceeded to poop in the tub - again. Sooo gross. Lets cross fingers for a less grumpy day tomorrow.

I'll now post some really cute pictures of him sleeping.

And now one of him swinging in his new swing. Tonight was the first night he was in it!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

This video is one of the first times Keiran played with an elmo ball we got him at a garage sale. He doesn't seem to mind it! You can also see a bit of his butt shuffling and screaming.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Keiran now butt shuffles! It's so cute and he can really motor along when he is chasing a cat! So it has begun....

I took a video of him playing with this elmo ball that jiggles all over the place, I'll be posting it soon. For now I will just put in some pics of our trip to Calgary for Stephen and Connies wedding.