Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Princess is finally starting to get better! I was really worried for awhile and almost brought her in to the vet this morning so they could put her on an IV but she started eating again. She hasn't had much more than a few bites a day for about 4 days now and I hadn't really seen her drink much water. We did have her at the vet on wednesday and they ended up putting liquid under her skin as she was dehydrated. Then later that day she puked up the medication I tried to give her and it was mixed in with blood which totally freaked me out so I called the vet the next day and we decided that if she hadn't really eaten much over the next day or so, I would bring her in for IV anti-biotics and forced feeding. I was about to do it, but I got woken up at 4:30 this morning by two yowling cats outside who were having a catfight and at that time I gave Mia some soft food and she ate some, and then she ate again this morning when I got up and then again this afternoon when I got home from my stamp camp. Only a few bites at a time but it's better than it has been. And, I saw her drink water after eating this last time so I think she's on the mend now. She still has a bit of snorking but I think her breathing is better in general.
I hate it when the animals get sick! It's hard when they can't tell you what's wrong. I think I'm going to be terribly obssessive over the baby when he gets here! I'm bad enough with the cats, never mind a kid!!!
As I type this, I have Sara glommed next to me and Charlie just jumped up and cuddled next to her and is now grooming her. It's very very cute.
I'm going to go now that I have dedicated an entire entry to my sick cat!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

As requested, here is a belly picture. This is my 19 week picture taken this past monday. Gotta love bellies! I'll be happier when it looks more like a pregnant belly and less like a tubby belly!
Have been feeling some movement lately, although nothing much today unfortunately. I'm hoping to start feeling it more regularily.
That's about it for now, will be back later with more.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stamp room Mania!!!!
I've been slowly but surely going through my stamp room this afternoon. Talk about tough job, it's such a mess!!!! I have so many extra stamp sets that I can't use that I've decided to have an open house to sell them all off. I'm very excited about this as I haven't had an open house since I first started as a demonstrator! I'm going to make it fairly low key but I will have a table where people can make cards and play with toys and stuff and then of course a table full of stamps to sell. I'll be glad to have a bit more room. I can't wait until we have a bigger house and I can actually have more space and maybe even have enough room to host events in my own place! That would be nice. My dream is to have this monster big studio one day, how cool would that be???!!! Stamping heaven.
Another rehearsal tonight. This one is with my old reserve band. They are playing lots of fun music on their next concert so I asked if I could play with them since our band is not doing anything right now. I haven't had a rehearsal at work for weeks and it will still be at least a month before we have a rehearsal again. Probably more than a month. The band is leaving for France pretty soon. We have to get some Euro's for Brian but I don't think that takes very long. The trip is really sneaking up on us!!! I'm going to be very bored while they are gone but I'm ok with that, no biggie.
I wish I could have a nap right now, all of a sudden I am really tired. Maybe I'll go have a snack and see if that perks me up. I think a nectarine is calling my name.

Monday, March 12, 2007

What a rotten work day today. I totally had a hormonal outburst over something that was building up for months. I even cried, I rarely cry at work but today I just couldn't help it. I don't really think things are going to get better but we'll see. I was so tired this afternoon because of it. Meh. Not looking forward to work tomorrow.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The weather is finally decent here!!!! How awesome is that, I'm really hoping it's above zero from now on.
Had to work tonight - we played music for about half an hour before a hockey game and then the band went and played the national anthem. I wasn't allowed to go play the anthem with them cause they had to go on the ice and the CWO didn't want to risk it with me. I didn't mind at all! This was the last stand up gig that I'll be doing though. I got a little crampy trying to stand and play and so decided that was it.
Will eventually post a belly pic, still have to take one! I've been paranoid about taking belly pics so far but I think I feel better about it now.
One thing that bugs me about pregnancy - my skin!!!! I thought that in the second trimester you were supposed to "glow" and your skin was supposed to get better? How come mine is like ten times worse? I'm not looking great right now!!!! Oh well.
I had a major flub up with a stamper. My own fault. There was something I was supposed to send her and I forgot and I got a nasty email last night. To my credit, I owned up right away and sent out her stuff this morning so she'll get it very soon but I still feel like a heel. I hate pregnancy brain. Meh.
Poor Mia is having some issues breathing through her nose. It's soo stuffed up and every breath sounds like a snore. I hope it gets better in the next day or so, I don't really want to take her back to the vet, she hates it so much. She gets pretty stressed going there. I feel bad for my little kitty.
Ok I'm tired. It's time to go relax and get ready for bed.

Friday, March 09, 2007

So, this was my baby at 13 weeks. I had a fetal assessment on monday and got some pictures but haven't loaded them on to the computer so I can't show them off.
Baby is looking great!!! Growth is right on time, nothing to worry about, I go back on April 12th when baby is a bit bigger to check for all four chambers of the heart and to make sure things are going well again. We found out that we are having a little BOY!!!!! How cool is that? I'm totally not surprised at all. Very excited though.
On this lovely friday night I am staying home and cleaning and hanging out by myself. Brian is out at Aikido but should be home soon.
I have amazing friends! I have already been given maternity clothes by 3 people, it's awesome. I'm not quite fitting into the really big stuff but I'm definitely out of my normal clothes, which is kind of exciting. I do feel fat though. Big surprise. This kid is pushing all my insides out so even though I look like I'm showing, I know that it's not really much of baby yet, just everything inside getting squashed.
Ok, this little break is over and it's time for me to get some more work done.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Today I had an orchestra rehearsal and when I got home Brian was in full cleaning mode! I had mentioned to him while he was still sleeping that if he got up before I got back that maybe he could vacuum. Well, he did that and more! He started cleaning out the back room!!! Woohoo! That's great because it needs to be done before he heads to France at the end of the month so that when my mom comes to visit she has somewhere to stay! Plus I'd like to paint it to get ready for baby.
So now we have books galore all over the living room as we moved one book shelf from the back bedroom to the living room but Brian just finished sorting his and now it's my turn. So on that note, short entry today cause I have to get going!

Friday, March 02, 2007

What a nice lazy day! I really didn't do too much today and it was great. Right now Charlie is trying to crawl on to my lap, but was not successful so he is curling up at my feet. I love that cat!

I'm gonna make this blog a little more pg - no more swears for me! Just in case any little kids end up reading it!

Orchestra rehearsal tomorrow morning - I guess I should have practiced for it. Oh well, I'll be fine. I just hope buddy who sits next to me has practiced and knows his part. That is sometimes the most frustrating part, when you are prepared and others aren't.

Poor Mia - she has herpes. Apparently cats can get herpes from being really stressed. She got it from going to the vet for her shots last week. She has an ulcer on her nose, is sneezing blood and has inflamed gums. It'll take a while to clear up but she'll be fine. The bad part is that it will spread to the other cats. So now they are all going to be taking L lysine in their food forever. It's just powder that I add to the food. I still feel bad for them though.

We are watching Hell's Kitchen right now. I don't really like the show, mostly because of the cattiness of the contestants. Grr.

Speaking of cats, I'm gonna put more funny pictures up. Eventually I'll get my cats up there too.

Found this cool website with thousands of pictures of cats, some with hilarious captions. Thought I'd post one. Will post more later. Going crafting now.