Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer fun

An update has been much needed! We've been a little busy the past little bit with travelling to BC and back. 
We went to Vancouver Island for a week but were gone for almost two.  We took 3 days to get there, spent 2 in Abbotsford with my sister and then took 3 days to get home.  Travelling with 2 small children is quite stressful!  And busy!  I'm glad to be home.   We did have a good trip but it's always nice to come home again.
So I'm just going to throw up a bunch of pictures.  I don't have pictures of everything as we both had a kid in our arms for most of the trip, but I do have a few. 
My Mom got married while we were in BC so I will eventually post pictures of that too, just waiting for her to email me her favourites.
Anyways, here goes...

Keiran at pit stop number 1 on the way to Kamloops.  Picture face strikes again! 

Mommy and Keiran at the same pit stop.  I love the mountains.

Daddy feeding Evan at said pit stop.

Giving the toddler tape to play with didn't go over as well as I was hoping.  He didn't quite get it, oh well!!!

We stopped at the Enchanted Forest on our way to Kamloops.  I've been wanting to stop there since I was a kid and was totally stoked that we finally did it!  What a weird place!!!  Anyways, this is Daddy and Keiran both saying "Cheese"

I thought this was pretty funny.

This was also funny.  Not completely politically correct but funny.

The troll under the bridge.  He's a little creepy!  Most of the things in the forest were creepy, they were also quite old. 

I don't even know what to say about this.

The front of the castle.

Still on day 1 of travel.  This is how you prop up a 3 month old to go long distances.  Plug in the bottle and surround it with lots of blankets so that it's propped up and hope that everything stays the way you put it!

Keirans side of the car with the portable DVD player.  Best. Invention. Ever.

How to entertain your child while waiting a long time for the ferry.  Let him take pictures.  We had fun.

I only put this one in because his face was sooo funny!  Still waiting for the ferry.  A piece of advice: always pre-book the ferry!  Oi!!!

Keirans first time on a ferry, he liked being on the water.

Evans first time on the ferry.  He won't remember it.  LOL

At one point, Daddy had both boys, I'm not quite sure how this happened.  I think Keiran was tired of me.  We were all tired and snippy by the time we got to the ferry.

My water boy!  He loved, loved, loved the ocean!  I'm so happy about that!

Big brother at the Vancouver zoo.  It was stupidly hot that day, +35.  Gross.  We didn't last very long.

Gratuitous cute picture of Evan