Monday, February 26, 2007


Boys: Kieran Allen

Andrew Micheal

Girls: Elizabeth Anne

Evelyn Jane

So we have four to pick from. I'm not completely sure which ones we'll pick once we find out what the gender is. We'll see.
So far no movement felt today, sigh. I'm still too early to be feeling it regularily though so I'm not worried.

Had an orchestra rehearsal tonight. They decided to let this guy come in to play 2nd clarinet who I usually try and avoid as much as possible. I really hope this is the only concert I play with him because he is just hard to handle. Mid 50's with no social skills and a poor player. We play in the Mennonite University chapel for rehearsals and this guy is swearing away all the time, it drives me nuts. And he makes random comments and expects me to pay attention to them and comment back. I don't think so ass-wipe. Have you noticed that I move my chair as far away from you as possible??? Grrr. He told me that I need to tarnish the keys on my clarinet like his because my clarinet looks too new. News flash buddy - it IS new, I've had it for less than two years. Plus, it's got silver keys and I'm trying to keep them silver for as long as possible thank you very much. Oh ya, and we're not going to try and find the A clarinet version of La Gazza Ladra just because you're too lazy to practice something in 4 sharps. We got the Bb version handed out, live with it, the damn concert is on Sunday!!!! Even if you found your part in A I wouldn't let you play it cause I'm not switching from my Bb this late in the game. So there.
Ok, so that vent is over and I feel better now. Gotta love community orchestras!
I'm going to bed now. Tired. Long rehearsal.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

More Tofino

Guys - I felt the baby move today!!!!!! It was fucking awesome! I didn't feel a kick, I felt the baby roll over. I want to feel it again!!!!! That's my news for the day.

Now I'll put more pictures up. Nick is right, Tofino is on Vancouver Island, the very west coast. It's a nice little touristy fishing town, the beaches are cool.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday, February 23, 2007

Been a long time.
I am procrastinating at the moment. We have friends coming over tonight and I should be cleaning and getting ready for them yet here I am, internetting. Big surprise.
My newest news: pregnant
Yup. Almost 16 weeks. Scared shitless? Yup. Paranoid? Yup. Excited? Most definitely!
Not much to report on that front, things seem to be normal. I'll know more on March 5th after going for a fetal assessment. I might even be able to tell you if it's a boy or girl! That would be exciting.
Not going to France because of knocked up situation. Also not going to Halifax in June or even Russia in September. But will all be worth it if I have a healthy kid out of the deal.
We got a Wii! Fun fun times, we are loving it. Gonna play it tonight with the friends.
Going now. Might write again. hahahaha