Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas was fun this year! We spent it at home in Winnipeg and hosted a Christmas eve supper and went to Jeremy and Christines on Christmas day. I meant to go to the zoo on Christmas day but somehow the day disappeared and we ended up not going. Instead, we went yesterday and had a blast, it was a lot warmer than the day before!
The first picture is Keiran after doing a faceplant in the snow at the zoo. He was sooo upset! Next is him right after we picked him out of the snow, it was everywhere, poor kid.

Making his picture face in the stroller. He now does this every time we turn the camera on.

In my brain deadiness I accidentally put Keirans name on the gift from me to Brian but was too lazy to put a new gift tag on it.

Keiran playing with his Maracas from Auntie Karen and Uncle Mike. He has the matching drum, it's lots of fun.

"Uncle" Stephen Cocks got him some cool toys too and he's already having fun with the twirly thing (and by "he" I mean "we" as in mommy and daddy)

His new corn popper thingy. He hasn't played with it too much yet but I'm sure he will soon.

Opening presents with Daddy. They are both wearing their Christmas PJs. We all got new PJs to wear on Christmas day. He actually wasn't all that interested in opening presents, I could barely even get him to rip paper! He was however interested in playing with the toys once they were opened.

Making picture face in his new tunnel tent. He loves this thing! I remember having one when I was a kid and spending a lot of time playing with it and I wanted the same thing for Keiran.

Wrestling with Daddy on Christmas morning. Much fun was had by all!

I know all the pictures are in random order. Sorry for that, it is hard to re-arrange them once they've been downloaded. I'm not sure if it is blogger or my computer that is the problem. Oh well! Videos to hopefully come soon. I'm having an internet problem right now that is preventing me from loading a video so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's time for Pukey baby again!!! Brian and I have been looking through a few of our videos from when Keiran was super small, and this is our favourite one. I know that I have it on Youtube and Facebook, but it's just so darn cute and funny that it had to make it over to the blog.
Enjoy watching my son puke!

Friday, December 19, 2008

A couple of videos for fun. Keiran loves to dance and will dance to just about any sound he hears. In the first video he is dancing to the sound of the dishwasher running.

The second video is him making that funny face. He thought I was going to take a picture of him. Too cute.

We are finally on Christmas leave here. It's great to know that we have a few weeks to relax and de-stress! It's been the busiest fall we've had at work in a number of years. I'm looking forward to a few months where there will be no travelling. We are doing a fairly big tour in April, but that's still 4 months away so I'm not thinking of it right now!
The big news I was talking about a few weeks ago?! Here it is: we are moving to Edmonton this summer! We are being posted! It's not completely official yet but it will be very soon. The only thing left to make it official is the posting message, which they will get to us around March 1st, then we can put the house up on the market and then look for a place in Edmonton. (unless we decide to move into a PMQ)
Anyways, that's our big news for now. Change will be good!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Naked baby alert!!!! Tonight he escaped after Brian took his clothes off for the bath and came to the kitchen. Had a good time until daddy took him back to the bathroom for his bath!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The (not so) many faces of Keiran!

This is the face Keiran makes lately when I try to take a picture of him. Super cute!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

This is our gingerbread house for this year. I didn't do a great job but it took me about a week to get the whole thing together and finally decorated! We just didn't have time. Of course, I could have waited until this weekend to do it (now that we are finally finished with all 9 Christmas concerts), but that would have been smart. Oh well.

So the first pic, side view. Notice the cyclops snowman, he's a real winner!

Side view from the other direction. Notice the fallen down chimney and the fallen over gingerbread man. Lovely!

Finally a front view. At least it's original somewhat!!! I'm going to enjoy eating the trees over the next few weeks!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Just a few random pics to throw in. Top one is Keiran and I at the Conservatory yesterday.
Next is Brian and Keiran.

Keiran LOVES it when Brian and Hailey carry him around on their backs. He'll go behind them and crawl on and then get upset if they don't pick him up and carry him around! He's changed it over the past few days though to where he'll go behind you and try and push you off the couch. Very amusing.

Our Christmas tree this year. It's our first live one! Also have the china cabinet decorated with all of our stockings (including ones for the cats!)

Keirans first attempt at playing with the Christmas tree. Bad baby. Thankfully, he is never allowed in the living room unattended or I'm sure the tree would have been knocked over by now!

Keiran has recently been sticking his tongue out lots and saying "blather blather", which of course we encourage (again because we are bad parents). We think it's really cute.

Brian and I took Keiran to the Assiniboine Park Conservatory yesterday to see the Festival of Trees and Lights. He really liked looking at the lights strung across the plants. He even walked holding my hand for the first time and Brian caught it on video!
I'm going to put the video on here first and then put up some pictures later. For now I have to run off and get ready for a Christmas concert.