Friday, February 23, 2007

Been a long time.
I am procrastinating at the moment. We have friends coming over tonight and I should be cleaning and getting ready for them yet here I am, internetting. Big surprise.
My newest news: pregnant
Yup. Almost 16 weeks. Scared shitless? Yup. Paranoid? Yup. Excited? Most definitely!
Not much to report on that front, things seem to be normal. I'll know more on March 5th after going for a fetal assessment. I might even be able to tell you if it's a boy or girl! That would be exciting.
Not going to France because of knocked up situation. Also not going to Halifax in June or even Russia in September. But will all be worth it if I have a healthy kid out of the deal.
We got a Wii! Fun fun times, we are loving it. Gonna play it tonight with the friends.
Going now. Might write again. hahahaha

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Miss Lady said...

Megan - congrats on the pregnancy. I know you really want this to work out and I really hope it does.