Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Preliminary house pictures

As promised, I'll add some house pics today! They aren't going to be that great since we just moved in and stuff is EVERYWHERE, but it'll give you a general idea. We love our new house!!! It's just so cozy, not super huge but nice and comfy. I'm sitting in the kitchen right now at the table while Keiran has a nap and it feels right. Nice and light in here (almost makes me think it's warm outside. ha.)
Anyone wanna come over and unpack and organize things for me??!!! Please????
That first picture is our living room. Hard to tell at this point what it really looks like but I'll put more pictures up when we get furniture! Notice the hardwood floor - sweet!
Next is the front entry that leads to the living room.

Now a few shots of the kitchen before we put the table in, more to come later once we get a new table.

Keirans room is next:

Our bedroom. We're getting new bedsheets!

the guest room (hint, hint)

Ok that's it for house stuff for now. I have some cute pictures of Keiran to add and I'm also going to try and add a video but I should get some stuff done first!!! I'll add pictures of the basement when we get things set up down there!


Tasha said...

I love your house Megs!
It looks awesome.....Are you gonna change any wall colours of leave it? It looks like it doesn't need anything done to it!

Megsy said...

we're gonna leave all the wall colours! which is amazing for us cause we always go crazy with colour.