Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yesterday (wednesday), Lori and Claire, Keiran and I went strawberry picking! I wanted to have some yummy fresh picked strawberries for Brian for when he came home that night. They are his favourite fruit!
It was sooooo fun! I started it out with Keiran on my back but he got heavy in a hurry and he also got sick of my constant bending over so after a bit he sat on the ground and ate a whole bunch of strawberries.
Lori was smart enough to remember her camera so she took lots of pictures!

We went for lunch at Boston Pizza afterwards and he was really good in the restaurant! He spent the whole time playing with his bottle lid and flirting with Claire and the waitresses.

Look at his teeth!!!!! My gap toothed baby!
These last two pictures were taken right at the end of June. Lori and I took the kids to the park and Keiran had a great time on the slide! I had totally forgotten she took these pictures. He's so cute!

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