Friday, October 17, 2008

Finally here are some pictures from our weekend in Edmonton! My mom has been harrassing me so I'm staying up late to make her happy. Just kidding mom, love ya. Anyways, I hope to post a video or two as well some time soon but make no promises. Brian and I are heading to Quebec next week for work and then it's go go go after that so we don't have a lot of free time until the end of the month. I'm looking forward to getting this trip done with and the Manitoba Tattoo over with as well. I'm going to miss my little monkey while we are gone! He will be in good hands with Hailey though.

Derek and Amanda:
Keiran and Justin meeting for the first time:

Savannah and Keiran hanging out, look at how he's almost as tall as her!

Me, Gramma and Lindsay:

Dan and Owen and Brian and Keiran in the whale at West Edmonton Mall:

Lindsay with Keiran at West Ed:

Keiran and Savannah together at the top of the steps after she taught him how to climb them!

Playing nicely together at Auntie Jacquies house:

All 4 great grandchildren with Gramma! Owen, Keiran, Savannah and Brooklynn. This shot was so hard to get because Keiran the bum wouldn't sit still!

Mike and Keiran:

Us with Gramma:

And now some random fluff. We put Keiran in the recycling bin just for fun, yup we're bad parents!!!

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Donna said...

LOL thats cute, My brother put Cam in the kennal.. that was cute to see, i'll see if i can find the pic..