Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Moms Surprise Birthday Party - part one

My mom turned 50 this past weekend! Woohoo! My sister decided that my mom needed a surprise party and so we somehow managed to pull it off! I don't know how, but it was great! She knew I was going to be out there (how could I go out for the party and not let her see Keiran as much as possible???!!!) but didn't know about Lindsay and Mike being out there (and the party itself of course).
So anyways, Keiran and I flew half way across the country for the weekend and it was great! He was sooo good on the plane. I had been really worried that the plane ride would be a nightmare but thankfully he managed to keep himself nicely occupied.
Here he is on the day we left (friday), about 10 minutes before we needed to leave for the airport. He didn't get a great nap that afternoon, poor kid. He looked cute when he was sleeping though!

On the plane. The guy you see sleeping in the background was about the nicest man ever! He let Keiran climb all over him and he played with him and was just so good natured. At the stop over in Calgary, he got off the plane and bought Keiran a donut from Timmies. Sooo nice! It turns out that he's the chief of the Air Force squadron in Comox! cool.

Eating and watching TV standing up.

Saturday morning we went out for breakfast with Dave. We had Savannah for the day so the cousins got to hang out together. Keiran sure enjoyed his pancakes that morning!

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