Friday, October 29, 2010


It has been an interesting week here.  Daddy has been gone on a work trip and I've had two little boys with bronchitis.  Thankfully, Grandpa D was able to come down for the week and help me out.  It's been fantastic!  Keiran is in heaven, he loves having Grandpa around.  Evan is full of smiles for him too.  So is Mommy!  lol
Thank you so much Grandpa!  And thanks to Grandma too for letting Grandpa come for the week.
So it's been fun having these sick, coughing, snotty kids around.  At least they are happy most of the time.  I think Keiran is starting to miss daycare though.  He'll go back next week.
Next week is a busy week, I'm actually volunteering to go back to work to play in a concert.  The music will be good, a good friend is hosting the concert session (it's at a music teachers conference) and my best friend is coming in from Winnipeg to play as well.  I am sooo excited!  But, I haven't played in months and the music is not easy so I'm a little worried about it.  I will have a few chances on monday and tuesday to practice though so hopefully I can work a few kinks out.  Still, soooo excited!
Tonight is friday Pizza night and it is now time for me to order said pizza.  We are going to carve pumpkins tonight and then go to some Halloween parties tomorrow.  Pictures to come!

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