Monday, January 24, 2011


Other than trying to keep up with the snow we haven't been up to much lately.  Trying to stay on top of Evans puking.  Slowly but surely his puke stains are taking over the house.  I'm really worried that we will have to replace quite a bit of carpet by the time he's done.  I think I need a support group for Happy Spitters.  Anybody else have one and want to join me?  A Happy Spitter that is.
Evan can now officially crawl, no more pulling himself by his arms.  He has also made it up the stairs twice.  What an accomplishment!!!
On to pictures.

 Apparently it was naked day the other day.  I took Evans clothes off cause they were covered in puke and Keiran decided to get nekkid too!
 Baby loves the phone!
 See that bruise on his forehead?  He lost against the china hut.
 Stop taking pictures Mom!

 Kids having fun in the laundry basket.  Who needs toys?!
 Helping make banana bread with the cute apron from Uncle Stephen and Auntie Connie.
Reading his new magazine!

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