Friday, March 18, 2011

Almost spring

 We had the first tiny bit of meltage in the cul-de-sac the other day so I took Keiran outside puddle splashing.
 Rain boots, splash pants (slightly too small), winter jacket, toque and mitts. Definitely an Alberta spring!
 Little boo standing at the door watching the action
 After a bit he pulled his quad out and was driving it through the big puddle
 Evan is not very happy just watching big brother these days. He really wants to be out there with him. Plus I guess he fell and hurt himself too.
 Simon came outside to check out the action
 Creeping towards the toys
 Cautiously sniffing the toy
Until Keiran showed up and then he took off. Funny cat.

I can not wait until the weather gets nicer and this snow goes away! We all are dying to get outside more but the sidewalks and roads are still slippery with ice and snow. We still have several feet on the ground. Sigh.

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