Monday, September 10, 2012


Keiran started Kindergarten this week! He had an intro day last week and today was his first real day. He was so excited to go that he barely said Good Bye as he ran into class. No tears from Mommy either, all went well!
I put my amazing art skills to work after the boys went to bed last night and made Keiran a card for his lunch box.

I'm about the best artist around. I put a disclaimer for the teacher on the back. Something along the lines of Mommy not doing well in art class, which is why she plays clarinet.

Tonight I went down to the stamp room to find something to make for him. I found some pre done blank cards that I had made for birth announcements for Keiran and never ended up using. Perfect! I added a whale stamp and a monkey stamp and called it a night :)

I plan on doing something small every day. I will probably check out Etsy for neat things to add to his lunch box. It's just so fun!

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