Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So I realized that some of you have never met or seen my husband and those that have, have not seen us in a looooooong time! So here we are! This was taken by my cousin last summer on Vancouver Island. We went there for our summer vacation.
We have been married for almost three years now! Where has the time gone? Seriously. It's crazy. Our anniversary is coming up on August 9th. How fun is that. For our anniversary last year we went whale watching and it was seriously awesome. I'm dying to go again.
Can I just mention how glad I am to be on summer vacation right now? We desperately needed the break, there has been far too much travelling going on this year and it's time to just stay home for a bit before starting it all up again at the end of August.


Miss Lady said...

You guys look great together.

a said...

come onnnnnn....update this thing allready!!!!!!