Monday, July 17, 2006

This is Charlie. He is our newest cat. We got him back in January when we went to the pet rescue shelter to buy some dog food for Sara (we used to buy all her food there). This little guy was there and he was sooo cute, always grabbing your fingers and licking and then meowing and being super affectionate. At the time his name was Pumpkin. We got our food and went home but couldn't stop thinking about this little guy and so like 10 minutes before the place closed for the day we called them up and told them to stay open because we were going to come in and adopt Pumpkin. So we did and then we renamed him to Charlie and life has been good ever since. He is still an awesome cat, if he would just stop scratching the new couch that is! He and Simon are best friends, it's cute.

This is what Charlie started doing to Simon after being at our house for a few weeks before he got fixed. Simon showed him who was really boss shortly after! It's still hilarious though.


Miss Lady said...

Megan - it is rather disturbing that you would take a picture of your cat being raped by another cat. The horror, the horror!!! :)

a said...