Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's shed week!

Ok so tonight Brians family is getting here and tomorrow the shed building starts! Not being the type of girl who actively joins in on that sort of activity, I am doing all the cooking and feeding of the men. What a traditional role! I don't mind though, I'm a pretty darn good cook and love to bake as well so it will be much fun for me.
I have been enjoying my time off of work so far. I can't believe we're in the third week already and only have one week left. Sigh. I have a fitness test to do the week we get back and I've been preparing for that. Can I mention again how much running sucks. I'd rather do almost any other type of physical activity. Grrr.
We finally got the pictures put up that we bought at Ikea when we were in Calgary for the Stampede. They look awesome! We haven't had things up on those walls since we moved in so it finally feels like we've finished decorating. Fun times were had.
I picked up another clarinet student yesterday. Every time I say I'm not going to take new students because I'm done with teaching, another person calls and I can't say no. But at least this girl has graduated from high school and seems to be a dedicated clarinet player. I'll meet her on sunday and we'll see if we get along. I'm sure we will. I swear that she's the last one though! No more for me. I want free evenings!!!!
Anyways, I should be baking or something instead of sitting on my ass!!! I'm going to make chocolate chip cookies with Belgian chocolate - yum!

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Inoj said...

that sounds good. can you send me one in the mail? lol