Thursday, June 26, 2008

We went to the zoo again yesterday and as per normal Keiran got fussy so into the back carrier he went. Fell asleep again and this is the result!!!

When we got home from the zoo I let Keiran play in the kitchen and living room. His new favourite thing is to pull things out of his diaper bag and throw them around. Somehow he managed to get his formula bottle open (the powder part) and spread it all over the kitchen. He did this while I was on the phone for less than two minutes. Then he got it all over his butt and was dragging it around the living room and hallway. That's my kid!!!

This is him dragging formula all over the place.

This last one is him shortly after the incident. All innocence...

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Elizabeth said...

That carrier looks very handy!! My DD always fell asleep during activites at that age. LOL Wish I would have gotten one of those. :)