Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Since Brian is gone to Halifax for two weeks, I decided to make him a little something so he would have pics of Keiran. He has his computer but it's not the same as something home made! I made him a little photo wallet which ended up being so cute!

So lately Keiran has taken to pulling himself up on the guitar case and throwing toys behind it. He thinks it is the greatest game ever!!! Problem is, he gets stuck on his belly cause he hasn't figured out how to sit back down properly yet so I end up having to go rescue him. It's cute!

This next pic is from a couple of days ago, we were playing in his bedroom with some books that he had been throwing around and he just looked so cute I had to take pictures.

We went to the zoo with the MFRC group last week and Keiran was a complete fussy pants. He was in the stroller but started crying so I moved him to the carrier where he cried a bit but finally fell asleep. I got someone to take a pic of him cause he looked so cute there!

His new favourite place to play - under the kitchen table. Then he gets stuck under the chairs!

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