Friday, August 08, 2008

The Birthday Party!

Here are some pictures of the birthday party we had for Keiran on August 4th! He had a great time and got completely covered in icing! Thanks to Doreen and Hailey for taking him in and giving him a bath and putting him into PJs! We all had a great time and the weather thankfully co-operated.

Here he is eating his first hot dog, he liked it:

Claire drawing on the driveway with chalk:

Zoe and Cayden playing on Keirans play structure:

Playing on the grass:

The Sargent Sundae birthday cake for Brian (and Keiran). It was so yummy!

Bringing out Keirans smoosh cake:

Introducing Keiran to smoosh cake:

Took him a few minutes but then he got the hang of it. Notice all the other kids eating icing too!

Filthy baby:

Opening presents. He lost interest very quickly so was hanging out over my shoulder.

Chillin' with grandpa.

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