Friday, August 29, 2008

Lori came to our house this afternoon and brought her new macbook.  We had fun!  Here is a quick video of Keiran taken with one of the special effects her computer has.  We are such dorks.

It's been a bit busy getting back to work and adjusting to a new schedule.  That's why I haven't been updating.  Our camera also died and we haven't charged it so I haven't taken new pictures in the past week or so.  Bad mommy!

Keirans newest thing is to close doors.  He closes himself in the bathroom and his bedroom all the time.  He closes the door and then starts crying because he's shut in there.  So, we'll open the door and he'll immediately close it again and start crying!  He'll do this over, and over, and over!  We were so sad that the camera was dead and we couldn't catch it on video.  We will try again!  The camera is charging as I write this....

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Dave said...

What kind of space alien are you guys raising
I thought that I was weird
Not sure about you guys