Saturday, November 29, 2008

We just got back from a three day trip to Dryden Ontario. I sure missed the little guy while we were gone!!! The trip was the beginning of our two and a half week Christmas concert tour. Brian and I are both doing a little singing and I do a little dancing as well. It's a good show and I'm proud of it but it takes us away from home quite a bit over the next few weeks. I will be happy when it is over!
I will have some big news to announce soon as well (and NO I am not pregnant!).
This video I put up is from this afternoon after Keiran got up from his nap. He does the fake cry thing now when he doesn't get his way. He doesn't like it when we say "Ow!" after he hits us so he always starts to cry. I find it hilarious (because I'm a bad mom). He was a little grumpy in the video but I'm glad I caught him in the slap, ow, cry act because it has us laughing all the time. He is a hitting machine lately though! I hope this phase does not last too long.
On another note, we got our Christmas tree today! It's the first time we've gotten a live tree together! Keiran didn't really like being out in the cold, he cried almost the whole time we were out there. We actually weren't out there very long, we took the first tree we saw, it called to us both! Right now it is in the living room thawing out and dropping needles. I hope to decorate it tomorrow after my orchestra concert.
On another Keiran note, here is a picture of his room when we came home today. He is totally Capt. Destructor. He can trash his bedroom in 2 minutes flat! Which he now does on a daily basis. Sigh.

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