Monday, May 24, 2010

Looky looky, I'm posting again the day after my last post! Woohoo! It just happens that both boys are sleeping in their beds right now, which incidentally has not happened up to this point. So, instead of cleaning the kitchen or living room or bathrooms or folding laundry or finishing up the pasta salad to take to the BBQ tonight, I'm on here adding some pictures. And facebooking. Of course.
My cousin Jerrod just recently came home from a 7 month (ish) tour to Afghanistan, which has been HELL for him. He came over for a visit today with Auntie Jacquie and Uncle Gregg to meet baby Evan. I of course got the requisite baby picture which I will now post:
Cute! Looks good on ya Cuz!
And so I don't have much else to report, in fact, I really should get off the computer and get a few things done while I don't have a baby in my arms.

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