Thursday, May 27, 2010

We have company! Yesterday my sister and her boyfriend came and tonight my Mom and her fiance got here. Fun! Finally we are using all the extra bedrooms in this place. Brians parents were also here last weekend and his brother and his wife came for a few days as well. It's been busy!!! Everyone has been showering Evan with love and kisses. And playing with Keiran too. Big brother has been sooooo overstimulated these past two weeks. He's been going to bed later and later and getting grumpier and grumpier! Poor kiddo. I think I almost got him to bed at a decent hour today so hopefully tomorrow he's a happy camper.
I don't have any new pictures to post tonight but hopefully there are some good ones on the camera to post later.
Can I mention how tired I am? Brian is too. This whole 2 kid thing is kicking our butts big time. And (tmi) Evan is a little schmoo who is refusing to breastfeed right now so I've been pumping around the clock. The only advantage to that is that someone else can feed him while I pump and wash equipment. My poor hands are already getting chapped. Boo.
I'm working at getting him to breastfeed again and I've had a lot of support from the community nurses. They are even referring me to a breastfeeding clinic so I hope to get some good tips there too. Crossing my fingers anyways.
That's about all I have for tonight. I just don't want to fall off the bandwagon now that I've actually started this thing up again!

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