Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas! Long time no blog :P

We have had a very busy fall at work which translates into less free time at home and so I haven't had time or energy to post on the blog. That and lately I've been on a huge crocheting kick with my work friends. It's been a lovely way to relax and bond with some great ladies.

The New Year does not promise to be any less crazy but I will be attempting to blog more. I will be really busy at work getting ready for a qualification test in March, but there is only so much clarinet playing a person can do in a day. That should leave a bit of time for crochet and blogging. And the kids. Can't forget those two cool dudes. Why don't I throw a few pictures from my phone up to show you the awesomeness of my children. (obnoxious much?)

Evan and his obsession with phones

Me as I was just about to start my BFT (battle fit test)

Two cute kids in our bed the day we got a TV in our bedroom. Best. Idea. Ever.

Evans head the day we got family pictures taken. He as an accident about two minutes before the photographer showed up. Figures. This year I am thankful for photoshop.

Keiran and Daddy at the soundboard for our Christmas concert at the elementary school on the base.

Messy monkey.

Keiran had no problem telling Santa that he wanted hotrods for Christmas this year.

Evan didn't cry, which was great.

Playing outside with Daddy.

So high his head got cut off the picture. He loved it!

Trying to get two boys in matching PJs with their Rudolph stuffies to sit in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Impossible.

He is a real hambone!

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