Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winnipeg Thanksgiving

Keiran and I went to Winnipeg to spend Thanksgiving with friends we haven't seen in awhile and to meet a new baby! If you are a friend that I didn't tell about the trip, I'm so sorry! I only told 4 people I was coming and in the end didn't have a chance to see one of them, so sad :( We probably should have stayed longer!!! It was a really great trip though and I was so happy to meet baby Kira and see everyone else. Keiran and I also walked past two of the houses we used to live in. He didn't quite understand that he couldn't just go inside to see what they looked like. But why Mommy? It's a theme in our house lately. Why? Why? Why?

 Here's Kira! The cutest little baby girl around! Way to go Katrina and Jim!

 Keiran raking up a pile of leaves so that we could take pictures of Kira in them.

 Someone had to test them first!

 They were chock full of ladybugs! He got a little upset when one peed on him.

 Sleeping baby in the leaves.

 With her pretty Mama :)
 Our Thanksgiving table. The food was great!

 Katrina - pretty lady

 Jim carving his first turkey. The Winnipeg Jets were playing their first game in the background, Jim was wearing his Jets t-shirt in support.

 After supper Terry and Buffy pulled out the instruments, it was great!

 Jim grabbed his bass and joined in.

 My ham bone!

 At the Winnipeg zoo with Jacob and Ailidh.

 The Ritsons - miss you guys!

 Daredevil monkey man.

 Ailidh and Keiran had fun chasing a peacock.

 Look at this cool bird! I have no idea what he is but I love him.

 So we spent the morning at the zoo with the Ritsons and then headed over to Christine and Roberts for the afternoon and supper. After supper we went for a walk. Samantha is pulling Keiran in their wagon.

 Along the way we passed the fire station and they had a truck out and were kind enough to let the kids look around.

 Sydney checks out the engine.

 Lucky boy got to play with a fire hose!

Samantha and Sydney gave Keiran a lego camper and he looooooved it. He had to tell the fireman all about it, and the fireman was really good at listening!

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