Monday, June 05, 2006

into the busy season we go

Today is June 5th. I joined the band on June 9th last year. I can't believe I have been working here almost a year already! Where has the time gone? Wow. And we're still playing some of the same crap that we were playing last year. Although I suppose I'll just have to get used to it, I'll be playing Soul Bossa Nova and The Hell Song for the rest of my career, I just know it. Meh.
It's totally been crazy busy lately too and it's not going to slow down until the end of July. We have played at Air Shows for the past two weekends, been preparing for other concerts as well. We have an outdoor concert in the park tomorrow night followed by a school concert the next day and as always there are parades and mess dinners. But I have to admit - I love it all. I love playing and knowing that I'm making a living playing. Even if I had to sell my soul to the government to do it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Steady income, you get to play all day, lots of practice time, you usually have time to do extra stuff in the evenings. Seriously doesn't get much better.
Anyways, before I go on forever.
I'm glad that you two have found my blog A and N - I mostly made it for you guys and J, I have other blogs that I've had before but never really shared. I miss you guys, I still find it wierd to not be in university anymore. I have to admit that I do like real life much better most of the time though!!!
Well, speaking of real life, stupid vaccuming is calling my name and I have to pull out some chicken to defrost for supper. Making chicken alfredo pizza, mmmmm.
((((hugs)))) to all of you!


Bass `Bone said...

I guess that's where us two are different... I don't think I could ever sell my soul to the government! Glad it's steady work for you, though! One day I'll start making money playing... one day...

a said...

I miss you too! I agree though...real life is better...although I wish someone would have told me it was going to be this hard.