Monday, September 01, 2008

Button Mashing Noob

This was my cute kid yesterday morning playing on the couch, he was in a great mood!

We were so mean to him this morning!!!! We took his hippo basket thingy and put it on his head. And by *we* I mean daddy. Keiran = not so impressed.

He is such a button masher!!! Whenever we have a video game controller, remote or telephone, he always tries to grab it so that he can press buttons!

Brian and I were playing a video game today on the Xbox and he wanted to play with the remotes so we finally gave him one of his own (a Wii remote with no batteries). It worked for about 5 minutes. That kid is too smart!

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Julie Irwin said...

This is the first time I've logged into your Blog - It's fabulous Megan, thanks for sharing. It's great to watch Keiran grow, love the zooming and the toothy grin - he really is all boy and grown so much now. I'm looking forward to visiting in the "chuck"at Thanksgiving :)