Sunday, December 07, 2008

Just a few random pics to throw in. Top one is Keiran and I at the Conservatory yesterday.
Next is Brian and Keiran.

Keiran LOVES it when Brian and Hailey carry him around on their backs. He'll go behind them and crawl on and then get upset if they don't pick him up and carry him around! He's changed it over the past few days though to where he'll go behind you and try and push you off the couch. Very amusing.

Our Christmas tree this year. It's our first live one! Also have the china cabinet decorated with all of our stockings (including ones for the cats!)

Keirans first attempt at playing with the Christmas tree. Bad baby. Thankfully, he is never allowed in the living room unattended or I'm sure the tree would have been knocked over by now!

Keiran has recently been sticking his tongue out lots and saying "blather blather", which of course we encourage (again because we are bad parents). We think it's really cute.


Elizabeth said...

You have such a beautiful family! I love your tree. It's so pretty!

The Empty Envelope said...