Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas was fun this year! We spent it at home in Winnipeg and hosted a Christmas eve supper and went to Jeremy and Christines on Christmas day. I meant to go to the zoo on Christmas day but somehow the day disappeared and we ended up not going. Instead, we went yesterday and had a blast, it was a lot warmer than the day before!
The first picture is Keiran after doing a faceplant in the snow at the zoo. He was sooo upset! Next is him right after we picked him out of the snow, it was everywhere, poor kid.

Making his picture face in the stroller. He now does this every time we turn the camera on.

In my brain deadiness I accidentally put Keirans name on the gift from me to Brian but was too lazy to put a new gift tag on it.

Keiran playing with his Maracas from Auntie Karen and Uncle Mike. He has the matching drum, it's lots of fun.

"Uncle" Stephen Cocks got him some cool toys too and he's already having fun with the twirly thing (and by "he" I mean "we" as in mommy and daddy)

His new corn popper thingy. He hasn't played with it too much yet but I'm sure he will soon.

Opening presents with Daddy. They are both wearing their Christmas PJs. We all got new PJs to wear on Christmas day. He actually wasn't all that interested in opening presents, I could barely even get him to rip paper! He was however interested in playing with the toys once they were opened.

Making picture face in his new tunnel tent. He loves this thing! I remember having one when I was a kid and spending a lot of time playing with it and I wanted the same thing for Keiran.

Wrestling with Daddy on Christmas morning. Much fun was had by all!

I know all the pictures are in random order. Sorry for that, it is hard to re-arrange them once they've been downloaded. I'm not sure if it is blogger or my computer that is the problem. Oh well! Videos to hopefully come soon. I'm having an internet problem right now that is preventing me from loading a video so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it.

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kaly said...

Those tunnel things are awesome! I'm glad you had a great Christmas!