Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Credit card woes

So a few weeks ago we were about to leave to go to Calgary for Brian to work at the Stampede.  Before we left he went to the store to pick up cat food and litter.  As he tries to pay, the credit card gets declined.  Odd.  He goes for gas on the way home, credit card declined.  Oh oh.  He gets home and calls Mastercard and it looks like someone stole our credit card number and has been putting charges on it.  They tried to buy a $1000 computer from Apple, they put almost $1000 on paypal, couple hundred from Telus, couple hundred from Playstation, and even a donation to the Cancer society.  Nice.  So, the card was cancelled and we're in the middle of waiting for a new card while they figure out what happened. 
Last week I received a package in the mail.  It wasn't addressed to me specifically but had been re-routed to me.  It started with the buyer information being my name with an email address that wasn't mine and a shipping address that was my old Winnipeg address.  The actual shipping label was made out from an address in Ottawa to an address in Gatineau.  No actual names attached.  I don't know how it made it to me other than they must have tried to send it to Winnipeg and then it got resent here. 
I thought about refusing it since I didn't recognize the sender and wasn't expecting anything but then thought maybe it was related to my credit card so I took it home and we opened it up. 
Well, it was the weirdest package ever!  Inside was: some weird red sunglass type things, a flyer for a real estate company in Quebec, a pair of old shoes, an opened container of crackers and a half drunk bottle of water. 
What the???
And so, I took pictures!  We called Mastercard to see what we should do and they said to call the police so we'll be doing that sometime soon.  I hate whoever stole my credit card number!

Ok so the water bottle is missing from this picture but you get the idea.  How weird is that?!  Stupid jerks.

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HornCatCreations said...

What the bananas indeed!! What a weird package!