Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cute boy picture update

Ok, I'm over the credit card thing.  Now I will post cute pictures of all the men in my life!  We went to the zoo on saturday and had a great time with some friends.  They were walking the elephant around and the tigers were going crazy!!!  I took a picture of one of the tigers jumping up on the glass partition trying to get to the elephant. 

And now some cute boy pics:

Poor little dude!  I don't know why he was upset but he sure looks cute in his big brothers Dude hat (from when he was a small dude)

Nap time at our house!

Big brother hanging out at the zoo.  I think this is his new favourite t-shirt.  He loves the Canada flag!

Daddy carrying Evan in the Ergo.  Happiness is an Ergo carrier!!!

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