Thursday, July 01, 2010

Canada Day

Well, today is Canada Day.  Brian was working all day and I planned to bring both kids to the base for the block party that happens every year.  This year the Garrison teamed up with the city and made a huge event.  It was chaos.  It didn't help that Keiran cried from the second we left the car until the second we got back into the car, after not seeing anything that the day had to offer.  It was windy and he didn't like the wind and it was in the middle of nap time and he was just a bear.  Evan was fussy as well.  So, we walked around a bit, found Daddy, got some hugs, found our friends to say Bye and headed back home.  Now both boys are sleeping and I'm just chilling on my computer a bit trying to relax before they wake up.  There's no way I'd even think about going out for the fireworks tonight!
Poor Brian has been very busy at work the past few weeks.  Thankfully today was his last day for a little bit and now he has a 4 day weekend.  Yay!  We have no set plans other than me getting my hair done on saturday.  It'll be nice to have him around again!  Next week, Calgary Stampede.  Yeehaw!  It'll be my first stampede parade and my Aunt got us great seats with a pancake breakfast to start off with!  Should be a great time and we'll get to see Daddy march by in the band! 

Oh smooshy face, how I love thee!!!!

The budding artist painting at the "Picasso's in the Park" playdate with my Moms group.

I think he likes the box for the play house more than the play house itself!!!

Petting a turtle at the Edmonton Valley Zoo.  He had a great time that day!

It didn't take long before he was passed out in the car on the way home!

He is interested in the splash park but a little timid and doesn't really want to get wet.  I think if we keep taking him there this summer he'll get used to it and start enjoying it.

Keiran and Mommy had a picnic in the living room last weekend.  We were supposed to go to the farm with the Moms group but after a rough night with baby Evan the night before and Daddy having to work that day, there was no way I was able to go anywhere.  So, we had a relaxing morning at home and had ourselves a picnic with watermelon and doritos!!!

Sitting on the couch watching cat videos on my iPhone.  Was very cute.

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Erin said...

you're such a good mama Megan! I love the Dorito's/watermelon picnic :)