Friday, September 24, 2010

I didn't mean to be gone from the blog for so long!  I've been trying to make an effort to blog a bit more but I guess life got in the way these past few weeks.
Brian and I decided quite a while ago that we only wanted two children and since my family is very fertile we really needed to make sure that 2 was all we had!  So, 2 days ago I had my tubes tied.  The surgery itself is fairly minor, I have two small incisions, and it was done laparoscopically.  I was able to go home the same day and recovery has been fine, I can already carry Evan around with no pain.  I have only had to take Advil for the few times I've had a bit of pain, no prob!  But, hot damn, waking up from the surgery sucked big time!  I really was sleepy and had a hard time waking up and then I could not keep anything down, including water, for the rest of the night.  Brian was really good though and he helped lots.  Dad and Penny came over to watch Evan and Wendy took Keiran to dance and then he had a sleepover with his little buddy Codie.  He had a lot of fun and wants to go back already. 
But, if I never have to have surgery again, it will be too soon!  I'm crossing my fingers that from now on I'll be super healthy because surgery sucks butt!!!
Her's my little cutie pie playing in his exersaucer.  He loves this thing and spends a lot of time in it, as long as I'm in the room with him!  As soon as he can't see me (or Daddy) he gets quite fussy.

All bundled up and ready to go for a walk on a chilly day

Big brother sporting his new winter hat.  Gotta love it when you take pictures as they are in the middle of saying Cheese!

Action shot of puddle jumping while we were at the park the other day.  Kids love puddles!

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