Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our week

I have a sleeping baby in my arms right now so its a perfect time to add pictures from the past week!

Evan at the zoo on monday, what a cutie.

Keiran and Daddy riding the zoo train.

Keiran and Mommy doing paddle boats with Smokey and Patience.

The first time Keiran has actually sat all the way through a pony ride!

Big and little brother hanging out on the couch.

Cute face!

Evans first time playing in the exersaucer.

A sneak preview of Keirans Halloween costume.  Adorable.

Who's that baby in the mirror?  He loves this game!

Daddy reading to both boys.

Keiran loves the camera he got for his birthday!

Another one of Evans activities.

First time in the jolly jumper.  He likes it way more than Keiran did.

Keirans first Ukrainian dance day.  He was soooo cute.

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