Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Keirans first night of indoor soccer

 We enrolled Keiran in indoor soccer for the year. This was his first night, it was really cute. It was pretty much a free for all for all the kids. They each had their own balls and pretty much went crazy for an hour.
 He needed to take a few breaks, he ran hard almost the whole time! He also would not let go of the ball, he did not want anyone to use his ball. The same thing happened the next time when Daddy took him and he spent almost half the practice crying on the floor. I am happy to report that this past week he shared really well and got two cookies when he came home!
 Note the carrying of the ball.

 A glimmer of hope for future sharing.

Monster kick! Learning to pass to another kid and stop the ball with his feet instead of picking it up with hands.

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