Thursday, September 04, 2008

Brian and I did gas hut training today at work. We got exposed to CS gas and had to re-learn how to suit up, put on face masks, take a drink with the mask on, change the air canister and then learn how to deal with a liquid threat. Fun stuff I tells ya! I was actually quite nervous for it and in the end it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Katrina was smart enough to remember her camera and got some fun pics that I thought I would share. Unfortunately there is only one that has Brian in it, good luck finding him!

First one is of me all suited up before we even went out to the gas hut:
Showing off the gas mask:
Hanging out in the gas hut (there really was CS gas in there, it's invisible stuff) I'm the second from the right - the short one:
Our group:
Katrina and I afterwards. They made us do a decontamination drill where we took this goopy lotion type stuff and had to put it all over our hands, necks, faces and hair. We were all soooo greasy! Fun times!

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