Saturday, September 20, 2008


Brian and I had to go to Cold Lake for 4 days this week. The fighter squadron out there was receiving battle honours for when they were in Kosovo. It took 9 years but they finally got their honours. They flew us out there for the ceremony. We got to fly in a Hercules on the way out there. I had not flown in one since I was a kid! It was pretty fun. Noisy, very very noisy, but fun. So, here are a few pics of the flight. I unfortunately did not take any pics of the base or anything while there, which was kind of stupid of me because I spent the whole 4 days feeling like I was in the movie Top Gun! Those fighter jets are cool!!! When we did the ceremony, they had two fly pasts and they were soooo cool. Loud too. Made it a lot more interesting.
Now on to some pics. Brian and I sitting in our "seats":

The plane is one big open space. So,the cargo is right by where we were sitting. Those cardboard boxes there were our lunch:

Stephen, Jeremy and Brad standing around right before we started playing Kaiser:

Stephen and I:

Jeremy (he looks like a bug):

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Love the pics
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