Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The past few days we've gone to the zoo lots! On Sunday I went with Brian and on monday I went with Hailey. Of course, Keiran came both times! I thought I would just add some pics from the two days!

The first pic is Daddy and Keiran on sunday. He got tired of his stroller and we forgot the ergo baby carrier.

Mr. Raccoon. He was just hanging out staring at me. He's so cute.

We went out for lunch after the zoo and Keiran was being so cute! This was the first day he started feeding himself! We are thrilled!!!! Finally!!! Look at that hair though! It's getting so long. I've been holding off on getting him a hair cut but now it is time. The appointment is booked for thursday.

When Hailey and I went on Monday, the geese were hanging out by the duck feeding place. So instead of feeding the ducks, I fed the geese. They hissed at me but had no problem eating my corn!This was Keiran while I was feeding the geese! He was just waking up from a nap. So cute when he's half asleep!One of my favourite parts of the zoo! I love feeding the gophers. I had 4 of them surrounding me at one point yesterday.
Our little gopher buddy!Brians favourite bird at the zoo. The Stellar Eagle. Doesn't look too big here, but these birds are HUGE!

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