Friday, March 02, 2007

What a nice lazy day! I really didn't do too much today and it was great. Right now Charlie is trying to crawl on to my lap, but was not successful so he is curling up at my feet. I love that cat!

I'm gonna make this blog a little more pg - no more swears for me! Just in case any little kids end up reading it!

Orchestra rehearsal tomorrow morning - I guess I should have practiced for it. Oh well, I'll be fine. I just hope buddy who sits next to me has practiced and knows his part. That is sometimes the most frustrating part, when you are prepared and others aren't.

Poor Mia - she has herpes. Apparently cats can get herpes from being really stressed. She got it from going to the vet for her shots last week. She has an ulcer on her nose, is sneezing blood and has inflamed gums. It'll take a while to clear up but she'll be fine. The bad part is that it will spread to the other cats. So now they are all going to be taking L lysine in their food forever. It's just powder that I add to the food. I still feel bad for them though.

We are watching Hell's Kitchen right now. I don't really like the show, mostly because of the cattiness of the contestants. Grr.

Speaking of cats, I'm gonna put more funny pictures up. Eventually I'll get my cats up there too.


Tasha said...

Hey pig farmer!!!
So cool to hear from you on my blog....Hope you guys are doing awesome! We really enjoyed spending newyears with you and Brian...I hope I didn't scare him to bad! your Island cuz

Miss Lady said...

Didn't know that cats can get herpes...hmmm. you learn something new everyday...