Saturday, March 03, 2007

Today I had an orchestra rehearsal and when I got home Brian was in full cleaning mode! I had mentioned to him while he was still sleeping that if he got up before I got back that maybe he could vacuum. Well, he did that and more! He started cleaning out the back room!!! Woohoo! That's great because it needs to be done before he heads to France at the end of the month so that when my mom comes to visit she has somewhere to stay! Plus I'd like to paint it to get ready for baby.
So now we have books galore all over the living room as we moved one book shelf from the back bedroom to the living room but Brian just finished sorting his and now it's my turn. So on that note, short entry today cause I have to get going!

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Tasha said...

what color are you gonna paint babes room? I can't wait till we can paint something in our place...oh well good things come to those who wait! Hey...send me your e-mail...mine is up on my blog.
love ya xo