Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stamp room Mania!!!!
I've been slowly but surely going through my stamp room this afternoon. Talk about tough job, it's such a mess!!!! I have so many extra stamp sets that I can't use that I've decided to have an open house to sell them all off. I'm very excited about this as I haven't had an open house since I first started as a demonstrator! I'm going to make it fairly low key but I will have a table where people can make cards and play with toys and stuff and then of course a table full of stamps to sell. I'll be glad to have a bit more room. I can't wait until we have a bigger house and I can actually have more space and maybe even have enough room to host events in my own place! That would be nice. My dream is to have this monster big studio one day, how cool would that be???!!! Stamping heaven.
Another rehearsal tonight. This one is with my old reserve band. They are playing lots of fun music on their next concert so I asked if I could play with them since our band is not doing anything right now. I haven't had a rehearsal at work for weeks and it will still be at least a month before we have a rehearsal again. Probably more than a month. The band is leaving for France pretty soon. We have to get some Euro's for Brian but I don't think that takes very long. The trip is really sneaking up on us!!! I'm going to be very bored while they are gone but I'm ok with that, no biggie.
I wish I could have a nap right now, all of a sudden I am really tired. Maybe I'll go have a snack and see if that perks me up. I think a nectarine is calling my name.


Inoj said...

A few years ago you would have wanted a house with a spare room so you could teach private lessons-- now you want one so you can ...stamp! Crazy how time changes our priorities hey? Tis probably a good thing cuz you would have gone mental teaching lessons :P I know, cuz you told me yourself!

Miss Lady said...