Saturday, March 10, 2007

The weather is finally decent here!!!! How awesome is that, I'm really hoping it's above zero from now on.
Had to work tonight - we played music for about half an hour before a hockey game and then the band went and played the national anthem. I wasn't allowed to go play the anthem with them cause they had to go on the ice and the CWO didn't want to risk it with me. I didn't mind at all! This was the last stand up gig that I'll be doing though. I got a little crampy trying to stand and play and so decided that was it.
Will eventually post a belly pic, still have to take one! I've been paranoid about taking belly pics so far but I think I feel better about it now.
One thing that bugs me about pregnancy - my skin!!!! I thought that in the second trimester you were supposed to "glow" and your skin was supposed to get better? How come mine is like ten times worse? I'm not looking great right now!!!! Oh well.
I had a major flub up with a stamper. My own fault. There was something I was supposed to send her and I forgot and I got a nasty email last night. To my credit, I owned up right away and sent out her stuff this morning so she'll get it very soon but I still feel like a heel. I hate pregnancy brain. Meh.
Poor Mia is having some issues breathing through her nose. It's soo stuffed up and every breath sounds like a snore. I hope it gets better in the next day or so, I don't really want to take her back to the vet, she hates it so much. She gets pretty stressed going there. I feel bad for my little kitty.
Ok I'm tired. It's time to go relax and get ready for bed.

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